by Dawning of the Inferno

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Josh McHaffie - Vocals
Connor Gilkinson - Guitar
Jin Kim - Guitar
Carl Dick - Drums

All music written and performed by Dawning of the Inferno.


released December 6, 2014

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Curtis Buckoll at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC



all rights reserved


Dawning of the Inferno Vancouver, British Columbia

Dawning of the Inferno is a mix of devastatingly heavy breakdowns, blisteringly fast solos, commanding melodies and incredibly tight riffing to form an extreme modern metal experience unlike any other. Their dark, destructive sound coupled with incredibly haunting melodicism creates a new kind of deathcore that has to be heard to be believed. ... more

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Track Name: Purification
I call upon of what is left of this defiled race
Withering away in decay each fucking day
This is the end of the free world
All fucking doomed

Infected by a virus
All hell will unfold

I will laugh and watch this world burn
It will fucking burn

Under control by chaos
Grasped by its claws
Track Name: Summoning
Manipulated, incarcerated, dead minds
Addiction to my encryption is feeble to your demise
This is desolation
This is retribution

I will enslave all
I will conquer all
The eyes of the ignorant have been blackened
Fall to your knees and accept

I am punishment

Thoughts are distinguished
Trapped by my hounds of hell

Enslaved at birth in the shadows of this earth
Within the city of rot and a world of suffering
Alone surrounded by enraged sacred fires
This world will crumble

I cast forth this reign of terror
To unveil and awake this delusion of your life
Vile creatures wrapped around your neck
Squeezing your throat and absolving your life till death

Born and raised in a world of manipulation
Captured by walls of arrogance

This power overwhelming it harbors them whole
Nothing remains, hollow, empty, no soul
Tormented by the hour in utter despair
Brainwashed, deceived and completely unaware
Minds encased and made to believe
There’s no turning back
Nowhere to run and hide

Feeding monsters
Poisonous fiends
Hoping to rectify
Hoping to bleed
Track Name: Modern Slavery
The power of my wrath has now only just begun

Lies shoved down throats to hide hypocrisies
Only to bleed through the cracks of society
They bend this world how they see fit
No remorse or regret leaching soul sucking demons
From the hell which they wept
Illusions will be exploited

Sky turned black as the fires arise
Evil inside the earth with
Tyrants who should be left to
Fucking die

I am binded within your modern world
Attempts to withdrawal will end in disarray
I am above all, I will conquer
Fear darkness for its where I lurk

Slowly dismantling everything you’ve fucking known
Piece by piece each fragment will be consumed
Now gaze upon what once was and embrace this era

I am the one all fear most
No prophets, no gods, no salvation
Existence faded away
Embrace oblivion

My claws will hold you down
No escape, no mercy for traitors
Just die
And let yourself go

And now this plague will end
My impatience rages again
Vengeance must be served
And now

I will fucking end you

I will shake this world apart and break it down
Innocence has been left to drown
Death will be enlightening
Track Name: Virtue in Violence
I hear the voices from the shadows they call
These abominations, no fear at all
Whispers from the damned screeching through my head
Dementia infests and crawls, I wish I was fucking dead

Hopeless, helpless, a fucking parasite
An everlasting inferno of lifeless disappointment
Failures dissolved into hatred

Light exhaust within every corner
As darkness swallows me whole
Cursed by humanity
With its relentless vengeance

Massacres among men
Golden thrones paved in filth
Blood spilt to feed mother destruction
Tyranny at its finest hour

I just want to die
I just want to die

Vanquished forces a prophecy foretold
An ancient destiny now begins to unfold
Beasts to rule worlds in utter disgust
Vile creatures consuming the light to dust

This plague must fucking go

I will not let you take what is rightfully mine
You will not judge me, I am divine
For I am divine
Track Name: False Prophets
Welcome to my kingdom, everlasting pain
Bow down and acclaim my name
A wretched beast I am, they try to tame
I am salvation
I am bane

Lay waste to the false prophets
Forced fed diluted bullshit

Unleash the swarm
Violence is born
I will show no pity

Like a disease it will continue to grow
Corroding and imploding no one will ever know
Sacrifices to be made, immoral it must be
Desecrated degenerates for all those to see

Crushed by my fist
Burned alive
I will devour all