Modern Slavery

from by Dawning of the Inferno



The power of my wrath has now only just begun

Lies shoved down throats to hide hypocrisies
Only to bleed through the cracks of society
They bend this world how they see fit
No remorse or regret leaching soul sucking demons
From the hell which they wept
Illusions will be exploited

Sky turned black as the fires arise
Evil inside the earth with
Tyrants who should be left to
Fucking die

I am binded within your modern world
Attempts to withdrawal will end in disarray
I am above all, I will conquer
Fear darkness for its where I lurk

Slowly dismantling everything you’ve fucking known
Piece by piece each fragment will be consumed
Now gaze upon what once was and embrace this era

I am the one all fear most
No prophets, no gods, no salvation
Existence faded away
Embrace oblivion

My claws will hold you down
No escape, no mercy for traitors
Just die
And let yourself go

And now this plague will end
My impatience rages again
Vengeance must be served
And now

I will fucking end you

I will shake this world apart and break it down
Innocence has been left to drown
Death will be enlightening


from Purification, released December 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Dawning of the Inferno Vancouver, British Columbia

Dawning of the Inferno is a mix of devastatingly heavy breakdowns, blisteringly fast solos, commanding melodies and incredibly tight riffing to form an extreme modern metal experience unlike any other. Their dark, destructive sound coupled with incredibly haunting melodicism creates a new kind of deathcore that has to be heard to be believed. ... more

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