Manipulated, incarcerated, dead minds
Addiction to my encryption is feeble to your demise
This is desolation
This is retribution

I will enslave all
I will conquer all
The eyes of the ignorant have been blackened
Fall to your knees and accept

I am punishment

Thoughts are distinguished
Trapped by my hounds of hell

Enslaved at birth in the shadows of this earth
Within the city of rot and a world of suffering
Alone surrounded by enraged sacred fires
This world will crumble

I cast forth this reign of terror
To unveil and awake this delusion of your life
Vile creatures wrapped around your neck
Squeezing your throat and absolving your life till death

Born and raised in a world of manipulation
Captured by walls of arrogance

This power overwhelming it harbors them whole
Nothing remains, hollow, empty, no soul
Tormented by the hour in utter despair
Brainwashed, deceived and completely unaware
Minds encased and made to believe
There’s no turning back
Nowhere to run and hide

Feeding monsters
Poisonous fiends
Hoping to rectify
Hoping to bleed


from Purification, released December 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Dawning of the Inferno Vancouver, British Columbia

Dawning of the Inferno is a mix of devastatingly heavy breakdowns, blisteringly fast solos, commanding melodies and incredibly tight riffing to form an extreme modern metal experience unlike any other. Their dark, destructive sound coupled with incredibly haunting melodicism creates a new kind of deathcore that has to be heard to be believed. ... more

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